Transcendence - A predictable storyline but without the dramatics which is why I liked it. Johnny Depp did good but deserves better. Morgan Freeman is becoming this hey-i-want-a-cool-tech-guy-in-my-command-base kind of guy.
Roses are vintage red … 
"Satisfaction: I haz it."
Decorative Earthenware
“Leave me alone.”
How does one enter? 
Every Corner Has A Story
"Caught Snapping!"
Landing Stations
"Why can’t you Fly-you-fools?!"
Gotcha! A common sight in India actually. Because there is not just enough space to park! 
Marundeeswarar Temple, Chennai, India
Marundeeswarar Temple - Entrance
Beggars/Pookaris (Flower vendors)/Sweepers
Marundeeswarar Temple Gopuram, Chennai